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Everyone likes having a choice.
Everybody likes the feeling of having the power to choose.
What is a correct decision?
To me, I truely think that there can be no correct or wrong choice made.
With exceptions of morality or legal issues. But the existance and wide exceptance of homosexuality makes me think that the society has advanced to another level. Be it good or bad.
oks back to the topic.
A wise choice makes the hero in a person's world.
Because face it, it is often difficult to put yourself in somebody's shoes entirely unless it is in your own face.
Rather, the chosen choice may be known as better or more practical? Neither right nor wrong i suppose.
Ponder about the scenario where you have to pull the plug on one of your close ones.

In trend with the recent dilemma our island's people is faced with.. how would you deal with it?
Would you make a practical choice? Or a choice that you are going with based on your gut feeling?
TBH, I am unsure.
More like I already saw the model answers for my assaybased history exam. LOL.
I have to agree and disagree, weigh the pros and cons...etc.
Ah, arent these also the pains of shopping for that property, car or branded bag?
The mind chooses choice A but theheart chose choice B.

Its obvious that all that have been done was done for US to agree/disagree and TALK about.
Sorry to say but I hate people who start pointless conversations about it.
Ultimately, a choice has to be made.
And I deserve the right and choice to not 'entertain' others.
Does having the words POWER , RIGHT DECISION and FUTURE excite you?
Or confuse you?

End notes: This is just a random thought of mine. Thought i'll share it as i owe my blogs alot of content.

This 2011 post is brought to you by chocsmogq .

On a lighter tune: i will be trying to update happyvitamin during this lomg weekend too :) I owe tt place too many posts><

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Jun. 20th, 2011 02:25 am (UTC)
My two cents, and more.
The future's exciting and frightening. Exciting because we don't know what will come; frightening because we're afraid it's going to be worst than it is now. But if Now is always 'the worst', nothing can be worst than Now, isn't it?
It's all so easy to say, but to make a radical change, I need some blind impulse with lots of courage.

P.S. Not related to the topic that you might be referring to :)
Aug. 11th, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
Re: My two cents, and more.
Ohmai i just realised i didnt reply to this >< FAIL.
Yea. To think that now is the worst is to hold hope that tomorrow will be better y/y?
Maybe we dont have the courage to make the move because we are still unsure of what we really want thats all :?
Aug. 11th, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
Re: My two cents, and more.
haha i forgot what i wrote too XD
yy, but if everyday is spent not changing, then a hope would just remain a hope? >_<
Is it alright to take our time to make sure what we really want then? No matter how long it takes?
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